Thank you for setting foot into my world, the world of Hustle Mama, THE Hustle Mama. My name is Stefany J and I have been living Hustle Mama for more than 35 years now. My faith is Christian, my walk Humanitarian; and I “received” Hustle Mama when preparing for one of my sermons at a church in West Philadelphia for their Women’s Day. I was teaching on the Proverbs 31 Woman, a Woman of Noble Purpose, and it just came to me that this hard-working and devoted woman did everything for everyone at home and her community. She “hustled” on a regular basis, and it was just who she was.

From that day I adopted the name, and living with the connotation of what it means to some as well as the blatant assumption of others, has not been easy. Nonetheless, I knew in my heart what it meant to me. I knew that if I could somehow create a movement positive and big enough that people would change their minds about their thoughts when they heard my name Hustle Mama, then global change would be possible on so many other levels.

Think about it. Then, as human beings, we would be capable of changing our minds about anyone on this planet. We would be able to once and for all overcome judgements and elitist notions. We would be able to rise above our perceptions and assumptions about people based on a name. We would finally come to a place where who a person is who they’ve strived to be, by what they do and how they live. That would be the day when we could step outside of ourselves, to see others for who they are and the beauty they bring to their lives and others, and even our own.

I have been urged on many occasions to leave Hustle Mama behind. To keep it silent, modified, and in the backdrop of what I do. However, I will tell you that Helping, Uniting, Sharing, Teaching, Leading, and Empowering is at the forefront of everything I do. I was born to Hustle, I have the gift of Hustle, I love and live the Hustle, and my desire is to heal the world using my Hustle every way I know how!