When I set out to become a Life Coach, it was with the intention of going to school to get certified and licensed to “Teach”. By that time I had already been certified and licensed to Preach, and was teaching from the spiritual perspective anyway. I wanted to be more than a Spiritual Life Coach. I wanted to teach more than Business in my Consulting Practice. I wanted to be able to help the masses through Transformational Education, Instruction, and Leadership of a different kind. I developed my own Business Intelligence based on my personal life experiences, scientific research, and academic study.

I wanted to be able to share everything I have learned and developed, and to me Professional Coaching was the bridge. I used to take on individual clients, but as with any business, the hours in the day grew to be less as my clientele grew to be more. I still do private coaching, but I take on far fewer clients than I used to. If you would like to join me privately, feel free to visit www.HustleMamaLifeCoach.com.

As a natural part of the evolution of my limited time in personal coaching, I created my different “TRIBES” and began building cohorts of clients and students that I could teach simultaneously. The greatest part of that experience has been that we are all teachers one to another, and I have absolutely been blessed by members of my tribes and am grateful.

If you have learned anything about me at this point, then you know that I believe in collaborative partnerships. My latest venture is a partnership effort to bring a community of coaches and clients needing their services together. When you have time come and visit, and if you are a Life Coach, come and join! www.LifeCoachingToday.com