Knowledge is Power; Wisdom is Priceless

Hustle Mama University is one part of The Learned Creative environment where I share all of the podcasts, classes, workshops, ebooks, and teachings with my tribe as a part of my entrepreneurial fellowship. It is the place where my community of Hustle Mamas can engage and share their content and learn one from another. I wanted a portal with global access to content by women making strides and achieving success so that others could learn and follow suit. |

The second part of The Learned Creative, is my Joint Business Venture Partnership part and that is the HMP (Helping Mankind on Purpose) Institute. That particular school/online environment is a Learning Management System that is completely geared towards Supportive Services and Self-Sufficiency Programs. I use this platform to help create sustainability communities, support workforce development and economic empowerment initiatives, and various congregational environments. |